Damages to Works of Art

Damages to works of art result in financial, but also personally felt loss and are therefore difficult to assess objectively.

Criteria and standards prevalent in the art world often remain infathomable to the jurist.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, NFAS see their task in sensitive and comprehensible mediation between what is objectively stipulated and subjectively felt “right”.

Our Services:

  • Damage assessments
  • Claims settlement
  • Settlement negotiation by power of attorney
  • Coordination
  • Restorations (internal network of experts)
NFAS: Bemalte Tür (Schreibtisch) von Carlo Tarani
NFAS: Bemalte Tür (Schreibtisch) von Carlo Tarani Abbildung: Bemalte Tür von Carlo Tarani (NFAS)
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